Tailoring, alterations, custom clothing, light upholstery, leather anything.  During these crazy times of Corona Virus, we have chosen to operate by appointment only.  PLEASE, CALL FIRST.    610-400-7134

Singer 66 Hand Crank 1919
Singer 66 Hand Crank 1919
Embroidery Process
Embroidery Process
Thor GC 1341
Thor is the newest addition to the fleet. She handles leather and other incredibly thick and difficult fabrics and as she has a cylinder head she can do all sorts of intricate work.
Featherweight 1928 221
Vintage Glove Sewing Machine
Vintage Glove Sewing Machine
Fleur at work
Fleur at work

Fleur Féroce, Inc. is committed to designing and creating renewable and sustainable textiles and exploring how we can better serve future generations with less wasteful practices in the textile industries, ESPECIALLY the fashion industry.  We recycle whenever possible and practical.  To this end, instead of donating to Goodwill consider donating to us.  ESPECIALLY leather items.  We up-cycle as much as possible reducing the landfills.  If we cannot use it we will donate to an appropriate non-profit facility that will put the items to good use.

From period-correct fashion choices in natural fibers to one of a kind creations, if you can dream it and it takes a needle and thread, we can make it.  We have added Marine product repair and creation using Sailrite products, including Sunbrella Fabrics! Thank you SailRite for all of your support.

As usual appointments are ALWAYS required for fittings and more.  We require appointments to give our customers the devoted time they deserve without interruption. We wear KN95 masks and have them available for the protection of our customers and the facility is sanitized daily.

Our latest supply of textiles for the coming seasons has arrived and I could not be MORE excited!  Hemp, linen, sequins and more.  Wool, tartan, cashmere and silks.  My hands are itching to start work on these.  Not to mention more boat covers and interior accoutrements. 

Recently we have been fortunate to have had the time to focus on original practice of Victorian and older fashions.  (We have only gone back as far as 1400 to date).  That is to say, using the techniques and fabrics that were used when these clothes were originally made.  No short cuts. 

I adore natural fibers [even though they can be more work to care for], and the results speak for themselves.  Quality materials made with traditional and proper tailoring techniques last FAR longer.

I have discovered that I don’t need nearly as much clothing as I thought I did.  And now that I have committed to original practice, all of my sewing is made better and with more attention to detail than ever before.  It lasts longer and I have chosen styles that work well together so that my wardrobe is interchangeable and more useful.  This is just logical to me, but not everyone thinks this way.  In the long run it has also saved me money. 

Our latest addition to our fleet of machines is a Singer model 66, Red Eye 1893 Hand Crank!  OMG I LOVE HER!   She needed some serious work, but I have learned so much by tearing her completely apart, cleaning and replacing parts that she has become a part of me. 

1893 Singer 66 Hand Crank Sewing Machine

Reading Berks Guild of Craftsmen

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Frilly or Flirty

No matter your personal style or size, we can create the most flattering and beautiful lingerie for you. Use everyday or get something special for your trousseau.



Made to measure [bespoke] items that are fabricated with old world skill and craftsmanship. Much of the work must be done by hand.


The Unusual

For those who are a bit more daring, we create the items for CD/TV, Fetish wear and any item that is difficult to get elsewhere. Custom fitting makes all the difference in your confidence and attitude.


Bags, Stoles, ect.

From Leather handbags, to faux fur stoles, muffs to keep hands warm, coordinated custom packing cubes, small bits of leather luggage, if you can conceive it, we can create it.

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Marine, Pool, Outdoor, Car

Repair or New

From repairs to car seats, boat covers and protective coverings, cushions and interior curtains and drapes we have your back



We use original periodicals from all over the world. Libraries are your friend, Books on tailoring, classes in person, video and any time we can view extant garments we do.

Gilding and unusual Painting

We are skilled in gold leaf restoration and repair and even do china. Using ONLY the finest in materials, this skill is being lost to the the times.


Other Projects

From small reuhopolstery jobs, to motorcycle seats, to Dog Harnesses and leashes in SOFT leather, there is so much talent at FLeur Féroce, Inc, I am sure we can help you and if not, point you in the right direction.

What we are working on, tips & tricks

What is Happening in the Workroom

Workroom Atmosphere Affects Productivity and Morale


New to me, I found this lovely lead crystal chandalier at a thrift shop.  Cost $9.00.  A sucker for a long lost , treasure that has been discarded and let to deteriorated with life left to share, I snapd it up.  The wiring looked sound and the majority of the crstals were intact.  I collect old lead crstals in my travels, so I KNEW I had a supplu to choose from to fill in the blanks.  I rewired areas the might need it it, cleaned it throuroughly, repainted it a soft baby blue and had my electirician verify and rewire the critical areas. (Following code is important).  The minute I hung it up and in installed LED bright light bulbs the atmosphere in the studio changed, with shades, a warm soft light, without bright light for detail work.  What a difference!  I already have one chandelier up in the studio and will repaint it to coordinate better.  The style suits me SOOO much better I had no idea how one accessory made such a difference to my overall mood and the ambiance of the studio.  I adore spending time in here more and more.