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Purpose of Fashion

Fashion has the power to transform us, not necessarily who you are but who you want to be, it makes a statement, if only to say to the world “I don’t give a damn!’ Sophia Loren once said, “A woman’s dress should be like a barbed-wire fence, serving its purpose without obstructing the view.”

In today’s world of fast and cheap fashion, we have lost lost the art of dressing well. Too often we see people walking around with no care for how their choice in apparel affects how they are perceived by others, their own mood, how they are treated by society, the economy is even affected by our choice in clothing.

It has become acceptable to see people go grocery shopping in their pajamas with messages printed on their backsides! I mean seriously! Grown women think that it is cute to wear words such as juicy on their behinds while picking up coffee. What has happened to a modicum of self respect? In the same breath these women wonder why they are not treated with more respect. The answer lies in how you treat yourself darling.

By NO means does this mean that I never dress down. However, each choice I make for my own personal wardrobe is made with specific care. I choice each piece based on what flatters my particular figure, and what activity I will be wearing it for. I choose fabrics based on comfort, ease of care [unless it is for a formal event], I choose colors that ONLY enhance my skin tone, and generally put some serious thought into making sure each piece integrates well with the rest of my wardrobe so my fashion dollars go further. This is the same formula I use for all of my clients. Well made garments last longer. Quality fabrics and good construction certainly cost more, but then they last longer, and if they are based on classic lines and proportions that suit your body, you will reap the benefit of years of service from those garments and be able to use them in a variety of creative ways to realize the potential of your investment.

So many consumers have become accustomed to the minimized timelines from the runway to the store’s in the fashion industry.  The majority of the items you see from store to store are basically copy and paste.  Designers buy items of interest and then recreate them with 7 points of interest that are changed to avoid getting sued.

Clothes make people..more now than ever.  We don’t always like to admit it, but we are judged by how we present ourselves to society.  If you are a bit overweight or getting on in years, you are basically invisible to the world.  You are noticed when you conform to what is considered beautiful by the current standards of society.  Over half of Instagram posts are about fashion influencers.  We seem to be enthralled with labels and those who are shopping addicts, thus they gravitate to to fast fashion.  The impulse to buy is triggered in a part of the brain that handles the rewards circuit, with the primary factor being the price.  

And we haven’t even started discussing the luxury brands!  The high end brands that for some reason are worth exorbitant amounts of money, far more than the costs of goods and labor, just to say you can afford to carry that brands label.  

garment workers
garment workers

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