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Thor GC1341, Latest Machine Addition

So life threw me a curve ball.  I acquired an antique Singer 29-4 patcher.   I restored it as best I could and got all the bits and bobs to complete the project.  Well the repair person sadly destroyed it. [LONG STORY].  The base of this machine remains with me as I have restored it lovingly and with many hours of hard work.  It will be repurposed on the pario and still give years of use.

Fast forward …. and I discovered the Thor GC1341, a cylindrical walking foot leather machine made for just what I need.  I had a custom flat table made for it so that larger projects are not an issue.

Being a cylindrical machine it is fabulous for cuffs, tight spots and almost anything you can conceive of.

It has both a servo motor and speed reducer [necessary for perfect top-stitching].  Surprisingly, it is as quiet as my domestic machines!

So here are the deets:


  • For heavy weight materials such as leather, suedes, vinyl, synthetics, laminated and coated products.
  • Suitable for sewing products such as hand bags, cases, automotive upholstery, covers, sails, tents, awnings, leather braces and many cylindrical products.


  • ‚The high 16mm presser foot lift enables easy material handling for extra heavy sewing.
  • Large hook and bobbins for extended thread life even with the thickest of threads.
  • Will sew with thread sizes from 69 to 210 (277 with fine adjustment).
  • Reverse lever.
  • Adjustable stitch length by stitch dial up to 2 1/2 stitches per inch.
  • Stepping Foot Height Adjustment Dial

Thor GC 1341
Thor is the newest addition to the fleet. She handles leather and other incredibly thick and difficult fabrics and as she has a cylinder head she can do all sorts of intricate work.

Thor GC1341, Latest Machine Addition

Our hours are by appointment only. Especially during these days of the plague.  In this way we have sanitized the studio and provided N95K masks.

In addition my service dog the Mighty Thor is in the house.  An active puppy who loves everyone, so be prepared.