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Winners of the Patio Contest!

Before photos..Sorry only two but you can see how pitiful this Maryland City backyard looked.  Mike and Kolleen Kilduff are actually urban this was not acceptable..

Before raised beds
Before raised beds

Mike and Kolleen pit in a TON of manual labor and spent only about $200.00 on lumber and dirt. 

Kolleen made pillows with fabric she had and she is an avid gardener so the new raised beds will help a lot.  The have pear trees and other fruit trees on the property and now with these improvements can enjoy their yard even more.  Great job!

So many consumers have become accustomed to the minimized timelines from the runway to the store’s in the fashion industry.  The majority of the items you see from store to store are basically copy and paste.  Designers buy items of interest and then recreate them with 7 points of interest that are changed to avoid getting sued.

Clothes make people..more now than ever.  We don’t always like to admit it, but we are judged by how we present ourselves to society.  If you are a bit overweight or getting on in years, you are basically invisible to the world.  You are noticed when you conform to what is considered beautiful by the current standards of society.  Over half of Instagram posts are about fashion influencers.  We seem to be enthralled with labels and those who are shopping addicts, thus they gravitate to to fast fashion.  The impulse to buy is triggered in a part of the brain that handles the rewards circuit, with the primary factor being the price.  

And we haven’t even started discussing the luxury brands!  The high end brands that for some reason are worth exorbitant amounts of money, far more than the costs of goods and labor, just to say you can afford to carry that brands label.  

garment workers
garment workers

Our hours are by appointment only. Deposits are non-refundable and expected at time of order.  

In addition my service dog the Mighty Thor is in the house.  An active puppy who loves everyone, so be prepared.