Fleur Feroce


Fleur Féroce, Inc. was born out of need. Unable to find beautiful undergarments that supported appropriately and clothes that fit AND flattered a real woman’s figure, Fleur decided to create her own. Fleur has a classic Rubenesque figure and is on the vertically challenged side. While not a TRUE plus size, but with an ample bust, small waist and hips that have born children…well you get the picture. Inspired by two Grands-mères who were both accomplished needlewomen, Fleur embarked on learning everything she could about the craft of manipulating fabric, design, embellishment, fitting, proportion, textile manufacturing, fabrication of couture fashion, cutting and more. She began the odyssey at a VERY young age when one of her Grand-mère insisted that her peti-point samplers were exacting int heir precision, while her other Grand-mère taught her the fine art of garment construction from cutting to economize on quality fabrics, to honoring the line of the design and reading the fabric. Vionnet is one of her inspirations as are many of the greats who came before her. The fabric speaks to her, telling her what it wants to be. 

By age 5 or six, she was given fabric scraps by her mother to keep her occupied, she often made dresses for her stuffed animals and the kitties who lived with them. Later her sister allowed her to use the trusted Singer 15-K, that lived in the attic, high above the rest of the bustling household.  It was an escape from reality for her….an opportunity to shape and form beautiful things to erase the ugliness of life that often takes root.

In school, she would embellish her jeans with embroidery long before they were commercially available. Transforming a space with the illusion that fabric can bring, she applied the concept to enhance the female form. She sees beauty everywhere. Preferring natural fibers to work with is a crucial part of this story. Synthetics were all the rage as she was growing up, for ease of care and “durability”, yet they often didn’t respond as well as the natural fibers did.

From being a midinette in an atelier for a time, her skills have transcended to those of a couturier. Her personal boîte à couture [an antique sewing box that began life as a Barbie doll wardrobe and transformed into a functional piece], is openly found in her living room…duplicate tools are reverently hung in the studio where she spends her days.  Her cutting table is often covered in sumptuous textiles, waiting to be a work of art. 

An artisan, instructor, couturier, vintage button collector, and devotee of all things fashion related, Fleur constantly strives to improve her skill set. She travels the world exploring and spending time with those who know the secrets of the art before the skills are lost to time. With the fashion industry being so wasteful and the luxury industry declining as a result of COVID-19, she had rededicated herself to promoting the growing and manufacturing of natural fibers, primarily hemp, here in America, to provide renewable textiles that are actually more durable than many of the synthetics available.

Fleur Féroce, Inc. is committed to sustainable practices, supporting local small businesses, and recycling whenever possible.  We accept donations of gently used clothes [especially leather] so that we we can reduce the impact on landfills.  We will give you a credit on your account as a bit of compensation.


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