The Value & Importance of Clothing Alterations

Most people fall into one of two categories. You are a regular visitor to your local tailor, or you never get your clothing tailored at all.
Very few people can walk into a clothing store and purchase an item that fits well. When your clothes fit you perfectly, you look in proportion which provides an overall look of being pulled tiger and the best possible look for you.

Mass manufactured, (ready made) clothing is made to specifications to fit the broadest range of shapes and sizes. The reality is that each of us is unique in our shape, size and proportions. Tailoring fixes MANY of the fit issues of mass manufactured clothing.
The most common things to have tailored are the lengths hemmed to suit your height in regards to your slacks, skirts, and dresses. Sleeve lengths are also a regular fit issue. Your Master (Has been to school for additional years and served as an apprentice) tailor will be able to help you look your best based on your body shape and your body proportions.

Typically the first consultation includes you getting full measurements taken, a consideration of your current undergarments and what is best for your body.  Then you try on your garment.  We discuss the fit and your vision of what you think you want.  We explain the alterations necessary and demonstrate by pinning and marking necessary to you can see the changes.  After this is done you should see a huge difference in the fit of the garment.   Tailoring your garments gives you definition giving you a better overall silhouette. Well fitting clothes give you a better overall silhouette and can make you look slimmer.