Fleur Feroce

Bespoke lingerie

No two women have the same body. As we age our body shape changes.  The need for quality and COMFORTABLE support and beauty are what we achieve.  Mass marketed anything will never fit correctly because it was not made with YOUR body in mind.

Our designs are sincerely unique with a perfect fit without discomfort. Too refined to be worn just as an undergarment, these pieces are also distinctive outerwear pieces. No two bodies are the same, and no two breasts are the same either, why would an off the rack bra fir you well?  And if you have a body that has a larger than average rib cage, nothing offered commercially will EVER work for you or be comfortable.

Let us help you be your most beautiful you! If you are dealing with cancer, as I have, you know the challenge of wearing a bra when you have a port, well we design the right bra for that, in addition if you want a pretty bra to wear with your prosthesis until you have reconstructive surgery, here we are. 

garter, panties bra and glove set

Gallery of Work