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What's on our mind today?

What's on our mind today?

Welcome! I have been wanting to get redoing the website for far too long. Life has a habit of interrupting. However, we are doing this revision LIVE.

Each day That I have something on my mind I will add it.  Hopefully the blog posts will become a resource for many.  Plans for developing a sewing/tailoring related wiki, tutorials and videos and so much more.  Now that I have streamlined my personal life and simplified the work/life balancing act, this should go far smoother.

In about 10 days I am going to a hotel to reduce interruptions and focus on the site and how I can better provide services to my community.  In addition, Mr. Rhett K. Butler (Service Dog in Training), will be joining me so that he may get some serious time to train in public spaces to help him learn how to deal with distractions when working.  As a result he needs to bring his bow ties as he is my date as well.  coming soon...photos of the formal Rhett...for now, here is he is aú natural.

Mr. Rhett K. Butler (Service Dog in Training)
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