The Joy of Diversity

The range of skills and projects I work on is HUGE. sometimes it’s hard to decide what I like most.

The Joys of a Vintage Machine

Singer 66 Hand Crank 1919 Recently I became the proud owner of class 66 1919 Singer hand-crank sewing machine. She is not without her issues.  My good friend and former professional sewing machine repairman and current gunsmith, Robert Horst has kindly been helping me restore her to her former functionality and soon-to-be beauty. She now […]

A Labor of Love

An Emotional Journey Recently, I had the joy of recreating a beloved childhood toy.  Only one of a set of two dogs (more than half eaten) remained. So the story goes that these dogs had satin lined ears and satin feet.  The young man grew up with them and would soothe himself to sleep by […]

From Repair to Renovation

One day while working, I noticed an issue with my new worktable. The wood was splitting, and a shelf had sagged to the point where the supporting post came out. Needless to say, I was not happy.  So off I go to the hardware store, got some really hard wood and had the pieces cut […]

Fun with Blue Leather

This bag was made from a 1940s pattern that was well suited for the scraps of materials I had on hand. In fact, It has become a best seller! The leather is butter soft, lined in a patriotic cotton with pickets, and holds more than I need to carry. Inside of Bag, Voluminous Sewing and […]