Fleur Feroce


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Sewing 1: Introductory Sewing

4 weeks each class is 2 hours

This series of classes is designed for those new to sewing or those looking to refresh their skills after a hiatus. This four week course covers the basics and lays a solid foundation for more involved sewing. Students are taught one on one and are given detailed knowledge of sewing machine operation, reading patterns, toile fabrication, fitting, seam finishes, hems and zipper installation techniques

Sewing 2: Basic Garment Construction

4 weeks each class is 2 hours

Building on the skills we learned in introductory sewing, we will move onto classic garment construction. We will work with a commercially designed pattern for a button-down shirt. Skills covered include creating collars, sleeve plackets/cuffs, setting in a sleeve and more. We cover fitting issues relative to a shirt in these classes as well.

Sewing 3: Knit Wear

4 weeks each class is 2 hours

This 4 week series of classes focuses on knits, athletic wear. We cover T-shirts, leggings, sports bra, and a zip-up hoodie. We’ll be using zig zag machine, sergers, machines, and creating items that look professionally sewn.

Patternmaking 1: Slopers

6 weeks each class is 2 hours

In this course we learn to create patterns from measurements and incorporating design and fitting elements.  This course is the foundation for all patternmaking and we create basic slopers. We will complete a skirt, pant, bodice, and sleeve sloper from standard measurements. These slopers are the core for designing a myriad of wardrobe options and basis for working the customers

drafting pattern

Patternmaking 2: Advance Patternmaking

6 weeks each class is 2 hours

In this course we combine flat-pattern drafting skills learned in Patternmaking 1 with fit and dart modification techniques in Patternmaking 2. Delving further into design, fit, proportion and manipulation of all, we create more detailed and sophisticated designs.

tap pants

Beginners Lingerie

4 weeks each class is 2 hours

The foundation of all of our Lingerie/bra/corsetry classes, this class series teaches about proper measure, fit, and breast shape. This course also introduces you to the variety of lingerie fabrics available and how to best utilize them.  We work with different domestic sewing machine stitches and techniques to produce a professional looking finished garment.  We cover choosing and attaching different fabrics, elastics, fine laces, findings, and so much more. By the end of the 4 weeks you will have made a bralette and matching panties and or thong, the toile for a basic corset, and a garter/suspend belt. We review choices in creating your own pattern or using commercially prepared patterns.

Fitting Session

The most intense problem solving individual solution available. Here is where you learn to solve your fitting issues for any pattern you are working with, perhaps a sloper you have developed, or even ready to wear fit issues, etc. Bring your problems and let’s solve them together.

Bespoke Design and Alterations

Do you have a wardrobe need and an idea of a solution but are not interested in sewing? Well, you’re in luck! We create custom designs and provide services to do the fabrication and alterations. Each client will be consulted and given a price depending on the difficulty of the design.

All courses include resource lists for sourcing more materials for your use in the future, handy croquis and measurement charts, printed materials for fitting tips and help, conversion charts for metric to imperial measurements, and more.