Fleur Feroce


Embroidery services are not just for labels, consider that pillow for Grandma’s birthday, your animal’s name on their blankie, personalize ANYTHING. 

We also digitize images for embroidery use as well. 

Designs can be simple or intricate and we hand-pick the spools of thread for each individual color you choose for your design. Embroidery is a great way to add extra life to garments that have imperfections do to wear (burn marks, small stains, ect.) Get creative, fix what you have and make it last longer.

Embroidery costs are assessed by the number of stitches required for your design and the number of pieces you wish to have customized.  The average cost is $1.76 – $4.22 per 1000 stitches.  The variables include, the density of the stitches, the fabric, the type of thread used, the stabilizer and so much more. 

Each job is different, the number of times the thread color is changed, the number of times the machine must stop so threads can be trimmed, and cleaning up everything after it is all done. 

Digitized Logo Image Looks Like Pre-Embroidery
Digitized Logo Image Looks Like Pre-Embroidery

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