From Leather Custom Clothing To Repairs and Cosplay & Upholstery

At Fleur Féroce, Inc. we  can alter and repair just about any garment, bag, and including some furniture

Replacing broken zippers and replacing pockets and lining is ordinary for us.  We carry a full-line of YKK zippers, the best quality in zippers. We also work with a variety of vendors for unusual zippers and related apparel closures.

Repair Services Offered

  • Leather tears and seam repairs
  • Zipper Replacements
  • Zipper Pulley Slider Replacements
  • Sleeve shortenings
  • New Linings
  • New Pocket Linings
  • Sew on patches and varsity letters, numbers
  • Button replacements, button tightening, new button sets
  • Snap replacements, additional snaps and more...