Fleur Feroce

Leather work

With the Addition of the THOR GC 1341 Cylinder Arm Walking Foot Sewing Machine for Leather, Upholstery and Heavy Weight Materials, we have increased our ability to handle SOOOOO many more possibilities. 

This beast of a machine can handle heavy leather up to 7/8″ thick and then some!   With a powerful servo motor and and a speed reducer, we have the ability to do detailed and precision work on your project. 

This machine can handle heavy weight materials such as leather, suedes, vinyl, synthetics, laminated and coated products.  And is suitable for sewing products such as hand bags, cases, automotive upholstery, covers, sails, tents, awnings, leather braces and many cylindrical products…this translates into being able to do the detail work on exquisite bags, small luggage etc.

Leather Sewing Machine