Fleur Feroce

The workroom

The primary workroom is small but efficient. Within the room is a custom work table that was built but two good friends and Fleur personally sanded, stained and finished the top herself. There are 7 separate sewing machines in the facility. Each one has a special use. One is an embroidery machine, Cover stitch, Overlook, Standard mechanical, Leather, etc. The newest addition to our fleet is the Thor 1341 GC, a specialty  cylinder leather machine with a flat table top.  


Standard supplies are always on hand such as a selection of appropriate scissors, embroidery threads specialty threads such as buttonhole twists for those historically accurate hand bound buttonholes, waxed linen threads for leather, 100% cotton and silk threads for historically accurate clothing, etc.

Machines and Equipment

Buttons and more buttons, period correct from bone buttons and mother of pearl buttons for World War Two Nurse uniforms, to Military buttons of all eras and branches and kinds.  Silver buttons, Grommets and metal eyelets for corsets and such.